“Black and white is more intimate for me, it gets under the surface and also leaves more to the imagination. It is mysterious and expressive.”

“Most of all I love to photograph people and especially the most magnificent beings in the world:


Women have a lot of advantages over men. On the one hand, they are charming beings who can show more emotions. They are magical, strong, brave and vulnerable at the same time.”

“People, characters and souls are different and not linear. They move like rivers and that’s what you should get involved with and capture the story that this other person allows you to tell.”

“Many of us are sometimes much too fast in visual perception and like to see the fast foreground, the conspicuous, instead of the hidden. We need an open, curious, watchful eye; every day anew. Then we discover stories.”

True Angels.

The world is not enough.



“You are history …





… I am legend.”



“For me, the true beauty in women and men is genuineness and authenticity. It is the fine character traits like mystery, intimacy, movements as well as the emotions and honesty. That’s what I try to find out and work out together with the person I’m photographing. And almost in every person there is something special, a secret.”

“Any one of us can be a star.

 Maybe not a Hollywood star…

… sometimes being a star for yourself or me is enough.”


“Beauty begins the moment …


…  you decide to be yourself.”

– Coco Chanel –

“Today most selfies on Facebook, Instagram etc. are manipulated via Face App and Co, slick and artificial, a real identity theft. There is an urge to achieve absolute perfection, which cannot be maintained in real life and thus frustrates many people and makes them ill. Personally, I would also find it boring and quite pretentious to rob women and men of their identity in hours of Photoshop beauty surgery.”

“Sometimes luxury is like light and shadow.
The light side of life and the dark.
We should not forget that everything can turn very quickly.”






“In a feature film, thousands of individual images tell a story. A photo has to be just like a movie and be able to tell a story in just one frame.”




“The street tells you new and fascinating stories every day. If you pay attention, even in the blink of an eye, you can capture a story.”

“I like to photograph a wrinkled, laughing grandma with her toothless husband in a bistro in Paris with a glass of red wine just as much as a Hollywood star or politician, as long as she or he is interesting.”



“… and now something completely different…”





“Architecture is frozen music.”

Arthur Schopenhauer





“Often the black and white wins….




…however, I don’t want to shoot only monochrome.

That would deprive me of the wonderful opportunity of not being able to selectively edit the colors present in the black and white image.”



“Probably the highest basketball hoop in the world.”